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Capelli New Boat Models

The Finest Quality Rigid Inflatable Boats

Capelli leaves nothing to chance. By channeling the lessons they have learned over the years into the planning and design of every model they build, testing and re-testing each component before assembly, and devoting considerable time and effort to the quality of the finish, they ensure that the vessel they deliver is in perfect condition.

Quality, Comfort, Safety, Design

The finest resins, marine plywood, solid teak, stainless steel, Neoprene Hypalon are just some of the high-quality products used in the manufacture of their boats. Another outstanding feature of Capelli-made inflatables is the quality of the finish. The levels of perfection attained can only be reached thanks to the highly motivated and competent team of seasoned professionals, who have developed over the years a remarkable team spirit and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Capelli – the ultimate in quality, comfort, safety, design. These values permeate every one of the boats they make. The unrivalled safety of a Capelli boat derives from their dedicated product research – to – production processes – to rigorous sea trials.