The Offshore Commander includes a sophisticated equipment pack including USCG/SOLAS pyrotechnics. A Training DVD is included with the raft to help you prepare for use in an emergency situation. The Offshore Commander is vacuum packed to add greater protection against the environment and minimize servicing costs. If serviced according to manufacturer’s warranty program, the Offshore Commander comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

Inflatable floor
Expanded Equipment Pack

Canopy Light & Refelective Tape
Rugged, oversized double tubes
Automatic inflatable canopy
Boarding ladder, righting strap and safety lifelines
Sophisticated equipment pack including USCG/SOLAS pyrotechnics, signal mirror, bailer, flashlight, knife, rescue quoit, sponges, paddles, seasick tablets, repair kit and more!
Training DVD with footage to help you and your crew prepare for use in an emergency situation
Vacuum packed to add greater protection against environment and minimize service costs
Service interval required just once every three years
12-year limited warranty

Equipment Pack Contains:
1 Parachute Rocket (SOLAS Compliant)
2 Red Hand Flares (SOLAS Compliant)
Seasick Tablets
Foot Pump
Rescue Whistle
Floating Knife
Signal Mirror
Rescue Quoit & Unwinding Unit
Repair Kit
Sea Anchor
First Aid Kit
Instruction Handbook
Drinking Water in Sachets

Model Number
45-OC4C – Offshore Commander Container 4 Person
45-OC4V – Offshore Commander Valise 4 Person
45-OC6C – Offshore Commander Container 6 Person
45-OC6V – Offshore Commander Valise 6 Person

45-OC8C – Offshore Commander Container 8 Person
45-OC8V – Offshore Commander Valise 8 Person

45-OO4CRAD – Cradle w/ White Powder Coated Aluminum Finish /Hydro Release
Weights & Dimensions

4 person Valise 67 27.5 x 16 x 10
4 person Container 80 27 x 15.75 x 11.5
6 person Valise 75 30 x 15.5 x 11
6 person Container 86 29 x 20.5 x 11.5
8 person Valise 92 27.5 x 19.5 x 10
8 person Container 103 28 x 19 x 11.5
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Main Specs
Beam 16′ (94 cm.)
Length 27’5″ (350 cm.)
Weight 67 lbs. (21 kg.)
Passengers 4 Person