The KSB Series kayaks give you a memorable and safe white water experience. They are self bailing and made with tough, Hypalon├é┬« reinforced nylon fabric … just like our rugged riverboats. They also feature multiple air chambers plus inflatable floors and lace-in, adjustable thwarts. The reinforced outer floor is wrapped 50% for extra safety.
Stable, maneuverable and forgiving, these tough kayaks are designed to handle challenging rapids, waves or holes. Lightweight and compact enough to go anywhere, the KSB-94 and KSB-116 are an easy way to experience the excitement of whitewater rafting.
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Main Specs
Width 3’1″ (94 cm.)
Length 9’4″ (284 cm.)
Weight 37 lbs. (17 kg.)
Passengers 1 Person