Built for high performance with deep “V” trigon air keels, Achilles SG boats offer a roomy, square bow configuration which provides room for extra gear, and an aluminum and fiberglass floor system which delivers superior rigidity and durability. Achilles SG Sportboats bring performance and practicality together for better diving, fishing, or all-around sport-boating pleasure!

SG Standard Features include:

Hypalon/Neoprene fabric; trigon air keel; aluminum & fiblerglass* self-locking floorboards with aluminum stringer system; fiberglass encased transom with protective motor clamp plate; fuel tank tie-downs; 2 self-bailer valves; full-length teardrop rubbing strake; fold-down locking oar system with oar holders (except SG-156); bow carry handle; lift & carry handles; towing bridle D-rings; helmsman grip; full-length splash guard with life lines; removable wood seat; extra seat attachment patches; large, high-volume foot pump; double carry bag system; and maintenance kit.

* SG-124 floorboards are aluminum and wood.

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Main Specs
Beam 59″ (175 cm.)
Length 14′ (425 cm.)
Weight 226 lbs. (102.5 kg)
Passengers 6 People
Max Horsepower 50 Long